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Sealing solutions customized for your system performance
Seals have a crucial impact on system performance. Life and reliability of what is often considered a simple component can make all the difference to your products and operations. Sealworld (Pvt) Ltd has more than 10 years of experience in various industries and applications, and is the only company that can support key aspects of the sealing system through its knowledge of bearings, seals, lubrication and associated science and technology. Sealworld (Pvt) Ltd offers expert advice and provides support throughout the life cycle of your sealing system.


Seals: Automotive seals A
Bearing seals
Clutch release bearing seals
Hub bearing unit seals for heavy duty vehicles
Hub bearing unit seals for light vehicles
Kingpin seals
Universal joint seal
Water pump bearing seals
Body seals
Gas spring seals
Driveline seals
Axle seals
Bonded piston seals
Integrated input shaft seals
Magnetic trigger wheels
Output shaft seals
Pinion seals for light vehicles
Port seals
Transmission front cover
Transmission input shaft seals

SCOTSEALS for truck wheel end
Industrial seals
Power transmission seals
Principles of sealing selection and application
Radial shaft seals
Cassette seals
Wear sleeves
Track pin seals
Metal face seals
V-ring seals
Axial clamp seals


Engine Seals
Cassette shaft seals for heavy duty
Elastomeric shaft seals
Injector and spark plug tube seals
Magnetic trigger wheels
PTFE shaft seals
Low Friction Engine Seals
ROTOSTAT integrated crankshaft seal
Valve stem seals
Valve stem seals for high pressure
Steering seals
Power steering seals
Suspension seals
Fork seals for motorcycles and bicycles
Shock absorber seals
Wheel end seals
Axle seals
Hub bearing unit seals for heavy duty vehicles
Hub bearing unit seals for light vehicles

Hub caps
Radial shaft seals with a low cross sectional height
Sealing and spacing washers
Hydraulic seals
Fluid Handling Seals
Machined seals
Fluid power seals
Power transmission seals
Large diameter seals

Hydraulic seals
Sealing solutions for fluid power applications have to satisfy demands of extreme operating conditions and power density, which in turn places a high demand on seal design and material development. Sealworld (Pvt) Ltd offers both standard and customized solutions for fluid power applications. The assortment includes rod, piston and wiper seals as well as guides, O-rings and back-up rings. Sealworld (Pvt) Ltd fluid power seals are available in a multitude of materials to provide optimal compatibility with the various hydraulic fluids encountered in service.

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SEALWORLD’S current product range is divided into three core activities: Sealing technology, Power transmission including electromechanical services and Flow technology.

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